[Suggestion] MMS for App Inventor

An extension to add MMS to App Inventor, permitting the enablement of group texts.

I believe it is not MMS you need, it is the ability to send group texts.

You should be able to test this out using the activity starter and the default messaging app on your device.

Hello, I'm looking to hire someone to build an MMS extension for the App Inventor.

I've built a very simple app for myself that sends texts based on data it reads from a Google Spreadsheet. This is just for me - I won't be distributing this app.

The problem is that it cannot send GROUP texts. It can only send texts to individual recipients one at a time. I want it to be able to send to multiple recipients in the same text thread, which I believe requires MMS functionality.

Isn't there already a topic for this?

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Thanks! Would I need to follow these instructions in order to implement that code?

Perhaps. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find it if so.

My [updated] link did not indicate the need to edit the manifest....