Suggestion for update: Add an option to edit the manifest through the builder

My application has a component that uses the phone services, after uploading the application to Google Play, Google will remove the option to download the application on devices without the ability to call.
However, it is not a very major feature in the application and it is a shame to block access to more than 3,000 devices.
So I add the following Manifest line:
Through software like: Apk editor studio.
But as you know soon we will have to use aab files and to my knowledge they cannot be edited.

I wanted to ask if you could add the option to add new lines to the Manifest of the application in both the "manifest" tag and the "application" tag.

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as workaround you can try the Manifest Generator by @Atom_Developer


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I tried it, unfortunately it adds the Manifest line to the application tag and it does not make any change when it is there (in my case I need to add the line to the Manifest tag).

I also talked to Atom and he tried to create an extension that would add this line but he said that you can not add a users-feature to Manifest with an extension