[Suggestion] Add translation language to the builder - Hindi

Hello everybody!
Is it possible for @MIT to add Hindi as a supported language to the builder?
It will benefit many people, especially students in rural India.


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@Alaqmar_Bohori A previous volunteer began a Hindi translation, but we don't have enough to release it.

We're dependent on volunteers to translate App Inventor. if you're interested in contributing to a Hindi translation, please create an account at http://weblate.appinventor.mit.edu and send me a message here so that I can give you permission to translate.

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Hi @Susan_Lane
It shows me this page after registering:

But I did not get email.


@Susan_Lane, same with me

Edit: I received the e-mail 15 min later and the token expired.

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You are right @Alaqmar_Bohori
It takes some time to send email and sometimes token expires.
But somehow I managed to create an account.
What to do next? Kindly elaborate. @Susan_Lane

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@vknow360 Since your username was the same as here, I didn't need any more information to grant permission to your account. We just need to confirm that the creator of the account is a human in the community.

You can now translate. If you go to https://weblate.appinventor.mit.edu/projects/appinventor/, you will see three components. Click each component, and you will see a list of languages in-progress. The translation system uses weblate. Weblate will step you through strings that need to be translated.

Here is user guide: https://docs.weblate.org/en/latest/user/translating.html

I'm happy to provide any help I can. Please let me know any weird strings that you find.


What about me :pensive:

Edit: Once again same issue

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Hi Susan

Has anybody considered using Google Translate in the first instance for languages App Inventor has yet to support? GT is fairly accurate, I can vouch for it's Chinese Simplified translations.

If MIT were to add a few popular languages using the GT route, should a native speaker find a fault, they could correct just that fault, rather than having to spend a lot of time translating every string.

@ChrisWard Google Translate isn't accurate enough for technical language for us to be able to use it without a native speaker reviewing everything.

We do have weblate configured to make Yandex suggestions, and translators are welcome to use those suggestions when they're correct.

There may be a way to make it easier to accept suggestions quickly. Weblate has a lot of configuration options.

I know that was fair criticism of Google Translate a few years back, but has anyone put it to the test recently?

@ChrisWard Well, before weblate we used Google Translate Toolkit. This auto-translated everything and presented it for human translators to correct the errors. However, Google sunset Translate Toolkit as a free service last year. We chose weblate because we could host it ourselves and not be at the mercy of a big vendor.

We would have liked to stay with Google, but their options for mass translation are too expensive for our budget. So it might not matter how reliable it is now.

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