Suggested Extension: Wi-Fi speed download/upload

Hello, I would like to know if someone could make or teach me how to make an extension to get the internet speed, thank you :grin:.

Hey @Meulencv you can find these things in Google / StackOverflow! However I'd recommend to learn and get started with java.


There are already extensions that test internet/wifi speed and download progress. Search Taifun's extension list

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This extension doesn't work

How will knowing the upload/download speeds of a wifi connection help you in your app ?

I want to make an app that measures the speed of the internet.

Here you go - full app:

internetSpeed.aia (1.0 KB)

uses M-Labs, Google provide this lot to do their internet speed test when you do a search for it.



Unlike the url you provided @TIMAI2 :cry:

speedTest This alternative speed test web does not collect and store and share personal data.

M labs collects your IP data.

An app is not needed to do discover your WIFI speed; just a url of a service that can provide the information.


  • You might want to read Ookla's Privacy Policy...

  • The speed test will need your IP address to work, it even shows it on the screen...

  • At least M Labs tells you up front

I think it's fine, but I don't want to direct users to a third party website that is not mine, I want to do the speed test myself, is there any way even without the extension?

You could run your own server and use similar speed tests using PHP and the web component

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You will have to count the test data sent from your application to the server (upload speed) per second/time.

Do the same for the download.

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:slight_smile: let the developers decide what is more favorable. Yes, it publishes your ip address to your Screen, but it does not save it.

It is actually a quick and easy way to get your IP :wink:

What about ?

It returns wifi link speed. Not wifi speed.

and the difference is ?

All online speed tests use large and small files to download and upload to determine the speed. If you want to understand just the wifi speed - connection between device and the wifi router/hotspot, there is more work to do at both ends...