Suggested Extension: what3words


Woow, nice idea, I will try it

Hello Chris Sir, I have made the aix, could you please test and let me know :upside_down_face:

com.kab.what3words.aix (2.9 MB)

try it and let me know :sweat_smile:

What is co1 and co2?

Co ordinate 1 and co ordinate 2

So giving the coordinates you get words. W3W can work the other way too, just enter 3 words and get the coordinates.


Will see docs and add that too

There is an example of such an app in the documentation on github.

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Woo, can i have link ?


So the labels should be more self explanatory - doesn't that mean Latitude and Longitude?

from the 3Words API

The what3words API is a fast, simple interface which allows you to convert 3 word addresses such as ///index.home.raft to latitude and longitude coordinates such as (-0.203586, 51.521251) and vice versa. It features a powerful autosuggest function, which can validate and autocorrect user input and limit it to certain geographic areas (this powers the search box on our map site). It allows you to request a section of the what3words grid (which can be requested as GeoJSON for easy display on online maps), and to request the list of all languages supported by what3words. For advanced users, autosuggest can be used to post-process voice output. See links on the left to navigate.

All coordinates are latitude,longitude pairs in standard WGS-84 (as commonly used worldwide in GPS systems). All latitudes must be in the range of -90 to 90 (inclusive).

so instead of the co1 and co2 suggest latCoordinate and lonCoordinate respectively or whatever is appropriate. Perhaps ensure latCoordinate is in the range -90 to 90 and lonCoordinate -180 to 180.

Isn't it too big :sweat_smile: btw good...

I agree, coz of size of reactivex scheduler sdks

Did you have any problems adding the rxjava library to the extension? I tried to add this library and got a compile error, possibly related to the lambda expressions in use in the library.
Unless I have a damaged version of the library.

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Maybe rush has Java 8+ features if you are using it.

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I was using Git. I'll try Rush. Thanks.


Nope I didnt got, I compiled with extension template only