Sudoku grid (trying to create a random grid of 1 to 9)

Dear forum, I followed code to select a number from a list. This list has 1 to 9 in it, yet seems to be able to pick a number but for the next its either a duplicate and I cant seem get it to pick 9 random numbers to put in the list. Hope you can help. I will post up my code that isn’t working, thanks for all your help in this matter

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Possible advice from the old App Inventor Forum re Sudoku , might help.

Thanks, I guess theres no point recreating the wheel. somehow even collating from the list, it somehow shows duplicates but will review the link and see if it helps. Thanks again :slight_smile:

I believe Sajal’s advice shows how to pick randomly and avoid duplicates from a List if that is an issue Struan.

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Maybe this one can help you to create Sudoku grids.


Also from Taifun's site:

How to pick a random item from a list without picking duplicates?

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