Submission form

Where can I find the submission form?

All information can be found on the appathon website. FAQ | MIT App Inventor Summer Appathon

How do I submit my app?

One difference from previous years – you submit your app through the registration system. Also unlike previous years, you can update your submission at any point during the competition. You will receive an email when the submission system formally opens. Judges will only review the most recent submission as of the closing of the Appathon.

I'm struggling to find any link to the submission form. Is that sent privately through email or is there a link in the website that I'm missing? Thanks!

The form should become visible in the registration system you used to enter this appathon. I don't know how the system looks but that is what is says in the FAQ.

Go to, login and then you will be able to see submit link


The judges use the same system but they can not see the participants form. :wink: :grin: