Students projects all deleted

When one of my students logged into App Inventor today all of his projects where deleted. It took him through all of the set up steps like it was his first time logging in.

This is almost always because the address on the Google account used to create the projects has changed. App Inventor can't detect these changes, even if the account itself is the same.

Did the student recently have change to their account?

Sorry for the delayed response. This is almost always because there has been a change to the user's Google address. This is true if the Google account has not changed -- App Inventor identifies the user by the address.

One common case that causes this is when a name-based address is changed to reflect a change in the user's name.

I can transfer projects from one address to the other if you send me a private message with:

  1. Old address
  2. New address
  3. A description of the projects in the account

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