Students can't get in

I am teacher for PLTW and my students are not able to get into the "Create Apps" portion of your site. They click the orange button, they select their google account and then it doesn't advance to the site. Please Help.

Please Try This Teacher :

With that you can enter the mit app inventor without having a google account

Welcome Leslie.
Sorry your students are having issues. Presently, the MIT App Inventor 2 server is very busy and s l o w. This activity might be the reason the orange button is not working. Very, very many students accessing at once might be why.

Are all the students having the issue or only some?

You might have them ignore the orange Create Apps button. Have them try a direct link. If that does not work, please tell us more about what you tried.

You might try the alternative server that Salman recommended. That server usually is not as busy and is also an MIT App Inventor server.

Thank you so much!! That worked.

You're welcome Teacher @Leslie_Sorrell.
If you think your problem is resolved please close this topic

Best Regards
Salman Dev

If your students' sessions have re-entry codes, have them write them down,
otherwise they will lose access to their saved projects the next time they connect

Alternatively, have them export their project .aia files each session and take them home for backup.