Stuck with splitting SMS !?


I'm new here and new in programming over all. I'm trying to make an app that involves receiving SMS and gathering information for later usage. Let' say I receive SMS as:


I'd like to split SMS at line feeds and store it to a local list for later usage. Here are my blocks:

This is for testing purpose only. I'd expect to get something like 123 : 456 : 789 : but I get ["123","456",789"] : in my Textbox1

I don't quite understand how to split SMS to make each line a list item as this is not working as expected.
How to do it correctly? Any help appreciated.


The split block just splits the text into a list.
Retrieving the correct index is our job :wink:

Let's not complicate our lives

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Hi Silvo

Normally after splitting you would display the items by loading them into either a ListView or List Picker. Also, \n is the correct assumption for the EOL if the message came from an Android phone, but if it originated from a Windows OS or Apple OS, the EOL is different.

Your split code is a little bit off:
SplitSMS.aia (2.7 KB)

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If a list is needed, the blocks may look like this. No loop processing is necessary here.

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I have already provided the same above :slight_smile:

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Thanks people,
I realized that my mistake was to use a block "add item to list" instead of "set 'Split_sms' to" block as shown in ChrisWard's and Patryk_F's solution. Now I can get going on my project... hopefully.
Again thank you for your kind assistance,

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