Struggling with CSV data column headers display

Hi all

This CSV data display will maybe look familiar to you but i need some help please. The data i retrieve at the moment is only 3 columns so that is why i disabled the 4th one on update table screen otherwise it pops up an error. How can i code it to set the columns visible or not depends on how many column headers there are.

Are you using an extension, or are there some procedures you have not show in your blocks?

Also show what your raw data looks like, it appears to already be in a list format, then you deconstruct it to make it csv format ?

You could more easily display the csv data in a table view:

Ken’s Table View Extension

CSV_Tables_Procedures_V1.aia (11.4 KB)
Here is the aia file.
The CSV only has 3 columns but the app wants the 4th one. I want to hide the 4th one until it gets a csv with a 4th column also.

As suggested see the attached with Ken’s extension.

csvDisplay.aia (30.7 KB)

Does this help ?

Yes Thank you but i would prefer not to use an extension and I have more blocks to put in the program which can search for something. If i cant solve the amount of columns to display i will use your method.

If you put four labels in a horizontal arrangement you can do this:

which will output this:


what about using the Dynamic table layout with any number of rows and columns including table listpicker


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