Struggles with web_search

I get nothing from the following code (with arguments displayed). I reckon I am misunderstanding something. My expectation is that I would see a web browser with a search results once the activity starts (or soon after). Maybe I am missing some pre-work for the implementing classe and package?


Dump of arguments at execution:


Hello Mark

Not something I have used Activity Starter for. However:

Launch a Web search

To launch a Web search, use an ActivityStarter with the WEB_SEARCH action. The user’s phone will display a menu asking what kind of search to perform:

Action: android.intent.action.WEB_SEARCH

Action: android.intent.action.GLOBAL_SEARCH
ExtraKey: query
ExtraValue: your word

Like this:

will return a google search on App Inventor



and might be useful.

Excellent! This worked. I used WEB_SEARCH rather than GLOBAL_SEARCH.

This also worked. TMTOWTDI!

This is slick! The xeno-canto site is very well done. Form factor is not phone friendly.

Thanks Chris. This is about where I started, with some code from another AI2 page as a source of the parameter values I used. I suspect I was looking at something a bit out of date. I think the best answer for the platform activities might be the google android documentation.

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