Strange Runtime Error

I'm receiving the attached error when clicking on Button (see image)

Are you using the text segment block anywhere?

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This error does not apply to the block you showed.

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How does this relate to the display visibility of the arrangement. Do you have anything that automates the use of the segment block, e.g. timers, initialisation etc.

No timers, this error happens even if I delete the block of visbility true and the Button Click block is empty

Disconnect the segment block. Does the error go away.
restart AI2, companion, browser, Computer....

I'm sorry, I forgot I had an anybutton click block that checks if the button name starts with a number. The error was born when I removed the button text and added an image.
I solved adding a text (color none) to the button.

This would be a good case for using the notAlreadyHandled true/false value in the generic event, to avoid stepping on the toes of other event blocks ...

when Any Button Click

  • if notAlreadyHandled then
    • do the generic button stuff

Hi Abraham, I did not understand well, can you show me an example ?

Your blocks image was not draggable into my Blocks Editor.

(Canned Reply: ABG - Download those blocks and post them here)

Please download and post each of those event block(s)/procedures here ...
P.S. These blocks can be dragged directly into your Blocks Editor workspace.

See Download Block Images for a demo.

Here is a sample from my chess board buttons project ...

Thank you very much, my new anybutton block is

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