Strange Ad. Anyone else experience this

That is a screenshot I took of a strange ad that has started coming only in app inventor for the past few days.

When the ad comes of course it block s many of the menu items. But also, it makes everything very slow.
Even worse, if this ad comes in the "Project" view, where we see the list of projects, it prevents the loading my somewhat big project with 14 screens. i get an error, along the lines, browser doesnt have enough memory.

The ad wastes easily an hour or more. The ad does not bother me when i am watchin you tube, or in the community.appinventor , or google or at any other sites.

below is the same ad in the project screen. Its very frustrating.

can something be done to ensure freedom from this menace.

App Inventor has no ads. The 'ad' is probably coming from your browser ... what browser are you using?

14 Screens. App Inventor projects frequently start behaving strangely after about a maximum of 10 screens. You did not follow the warning popup that shows when you added your 11th screen? :cry:

I confirm. I've been using AppInventor for a long time and no ads.

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I sure missed the warning pop up while adding the 11th screen. I was lazy and added more screens for my own clarity and convenience.
I will be bringing the screens count to 10 or lower. Use, Tinydb, more variables with better naming conventions, and more layout containers. Will do that.

I am using opera. Will use chrome today an see if the ad reappears.


Hello Sanatan

Opera is an excellent browser but unfortunately it's not on our list of browsers compatible with App Inventor. Try FireFox or Chrome. If your PC OS is 64bit, make sure your browser is 64 bit too.

Now, looking at the Advertisement, it is not placed within App Inventors web page, it is on top of it. That means it is most likely a Web App - If you are using an MS Windows OS, you might be able to find it in the Task Manager and delete it.

It can also be a malicious browser plug-in.

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I use the Brave browser to avoid those.