Storing tinydb and view in list view

Good Day all. New to app inventor.
Can someone help. If got 4 textbox items that a customer enters then i need to store to tinydb in a list form every time a new customer enters the text boxes.

then every time the customer press enter it takes the customer to a new screen and recalls the db as a listview. so it adds to the list every time the db updates.

my problem is it shows in the listview but only the last entry.

Can someone please provide some blocks to show how the lists should be stored and retrieved.


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Please show your relevant blocks....

Please watch this video

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Hi Timai

I have changed things a bit now as i store as tags
and then call tags in listview with the values.

So now i get the values entered but as a string each

my problem now is it calls all tags (some i dont want to listview?

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Maybe someone can fix some blocks for me if i send AIA file
Then i can see what needs to be done in future.
Would be great help.

I have done most of this already and can send AIA

Let me try explain.

When screen1 opens it will check for a label if empty then screen6 opens
Screen6 basically will create a random code and writes it in a none visible label
The customer will then fill in name and phone number

and press send. this will then send a sms to my number with the created code
I then send this to the customers phone if they purchased the app.

after customer receiving the code they enter it and press send. this code will be compared to the
code that was written to the none visible label.
If all ok then the screen closes and opens screen1 again checking a label that was stored by screen6 DB

So now everytime the app opens it checks the label that will be there after registration and then stays on screen1.

all the top is done and working.

Now the fun starts
Screen1 ask for customer inputs
License plate number
spinner wash options
spinner car size
Phone number

Then press enter
at this point the app must save this info into a list or tag
it then sends a sms to entered number (thank you for useing us......)
close screen and opens screen2

Screen2 is basically a list view of all customers car and info
each element can now be selected at a time and when complete button pressed
the listview selection is removed and a sms is send to that cars number( your car is finish/done)

So basically when the cars arrive they are entered into app sending sms and when car if done sends a sms again and removes the car from the list.

Hope someone can help
i can send AIA file of progress so far.

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I understand, can you send the aia file so I can try to help you.

Salman Dev


Thanks much appreciated

Only problem is i cant upload here to big 7.7g

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@Salman_Dev @Francois_Oosthuizen please use the PM feature of the community to share sensitive data like email addresses. Thank you.


you always can upload the file you your Google Drive and share a link to the file here
PS: also you can edit your previous posts to fix spelling errors afterwards...