Storing info in a list and then changing that to a score

I am trying to create a percentage out of two items that you store in a list. Here's how it's meant to work. You classify a couple of images. These then get stored. When the classification comes up, it will also show you how much of your classified images are tidy or messy in a percentage. These can also be stored so if you close the app and open it again, Classify another image all your previous scores will be there.

Here is the design:

Here is the app code:

I am almost 100 percent sure that I have done it wrong or this doesn't even work.

All help is appreciated.

Tend to agree :slight_smile:

Have you tested your Tidy / Messy classifications without trying to check / create a score?

e.g. if Tidy > Messy = true, else false

If that is working reliably, then we need to see the values for Tidy / Messy, to then be able to help you code to get a percentage score.

Why have you set the index to 9999999999 ?

I am partly confused. By checking if the classifications are correct do you mean the immediate result? If so then yes. If not I don't completely know how to do that.

The reason I have set the index to 9999999999 is that I thought that that was the number of list items in the match that it would bring out. I am clearly wrong.

Well, show some outputs/values for Tidy/Messy, then we may have a better understanding.

Provide your aia project here, so no-one has to recreate it.

Here you are:
Trail.aia (2.9 MB)
I got rid of all the list indexes!