Storing history of entered values in the list

Hello everyone!

Currently trying to do the finance tracking app with blocks.

I have:

  1. Label to show the balance
  2. Text_Box to type in income|expense
  3. Button_1 - to add income
  4. Button_2 - to add expense
  5. List_View - to show transactions history

Here are my blocks:

I use 2 CloudDBs - one to store Balance (show it in the label) and the second to show a history of transactions.

It is working for the Balance, and somewhat works for History - it does save it, but looks like this:

Can someone help me understand what is wrong?

Welcome user. Please right-click and select Download Blocks as PNG to download high-quality images of your blocks. Your blocks are blurry and not readable.

Hi! It's linked to the screenshot in high quality, and I thought that would be enough

Edit: I uploaded blocks separately. Hope that will help

You use a true/false global variable to signal which button you clicked (Income vs Expense.)

For Income, you set the variable true.

For Expense, you forgot to set the variable false.

Yeah, but can it result in the behaviour that is seen on the screenshot I provided I the original post?


You are somehow nesting lists inside other lists, as evidenced by the ( (( ...)))s.

Export your .aia file and upload it here.

Hello everyone! Thank you for all the responses!

It took some tweaks and brainstorming, but at last, the solution was found!

I post it here for anyone who might find themselves in the same position with a problem that shouldn't have happened but happened.

My initial approach wasn't totally wrong but resulted in nesting and behavior with lots and lots of ((()))

I could have just got rid of storing the transactions history, as the balance bit was working just fine, but I don't like cutting features just because I met a problem.

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Yeah, I found out what the issue was and fixed it.

Regarding the buttons. I could have used 2 procedures - for adding expense and adding income - but I wanted to use a single procedure; thus, I needed an if-else block and a condition.

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