Storing accessible files in the app

i want to upload a pdf file on the app that when i install the app on the phone it extracts a folder in a giving path that has my pdf file or the app folder itself (which i don’t know where!) so when i click the button inside the app it opens my pdf file.

If you are uploading the pdf file in the assets with the app, then you will need to:

a. create the folder
b. copy the file over to that folder

You can do both of these with Taifun’s File extension

Thank you … how do i upload the pdf file in the assets? :smiley:

i can’t see my file in the /AppInventor/assets although i uploaded it to app inventor

This is basic stuff!

In the designer, Find the Media section and click on the Upload File button. Select a file from your computer and upload it.

The Media section is also visible in the Blocks editor

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yep i have my files uploaded but they are not in the assets folder in my internal storage

and i’m getting an error when i click the button for copy … sorry file does not exists

and i get a Runtime Error " exposed beyoned app through intent.getData()

Read this first and then come back with your question:

And tell us whether you are talking about companion or the compiled app (APK).

Thanks you my friend <3

compiled app......... i made it simple > //filename.type copied to an existing path

file:///mnt/sdcard/Whatsapp/filename.type...... then a button to open it with activity starter ...datauri > //mnt/........

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