How do I create a folder in the internal memory, and inside it put 2 pdfs?

I would like to implement in my application that when it is installed the first time it creates a folder in the internal memory, and inside it put 2 pdfs that come with the same app. Is it possible to do something similar?

Maybe this can help you

well actually what I want is that first create a new directory in the internal memory for example with the name Myapp, and then put some pdfs there that see packaged with the app itself when installing ...
the truth I've been looking and do not know if this is possible

No, you cannot have a directory in the assets.

Ok Tanks!!

What are assets and what is a directory? I have the same problem and want to create a simple folder in internal storage/sd card (depends on selected by user). How can I do it? My files would be generated by this extension of @Juan_Antonio . I even don't know where this extension stores the files.
PS: I'm a total zero about storing and retrieving files...

  1. Make sure you are using the very latest version of the extension that provide for all Android versions
  2. Read all of this topic
    [FREE] Create PDF file Extension. Layout to PDF
  3. Try the attached aia project, which shows how to save to both pre and post API 29
    pdfA11.aia (12.8 KB)
  4. Assets are files you upload to the media folder in your designer

Thanks @Anke , this tutorial helped me. But what do you mean by <package name>?
Thanks for the info @TIMAI2, I understood the extension with your .aia file.

One Last question:
Is ASD different or same as Assets?

Read the tutorial again.



Oh, OK then. Assets are files you upload to your app when developing using the designer screen or blocks editor. They are read only but can be copied elsewhere using functionality in the app.

The ASD is the Application Specific Directory created when running your app on android version greater than 9 (API 28). From Android 11, this directory is only visible to the app itself.

(there is more to know and understand.....)

Ok, I understood. Thanks @TIMAI2 and @Anke

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