Store and retrieve data

I created an application to connect people who need help with people who want to donate money to them
The person will record his data on a screen and the data will be uploaded to fire base
The donor will choose the city and a list of people in this city will appear to him
The problem is that when I want to retrieve the data from firebase data, It not work
how solve this problem
this code to store and retrieve
they are different screens


are you using the MIT provided database with the Firebase component (default)?

add conect firebase with link

You are not using the default one...anyway, set ProjectBucket to Tapr3.

I recommend studying dictionaries and JSON for storing and retrieving structured data

If you put a slash (/) between the name and the value in the text JOIN when you store your data it becomes individually retrievable.

P.S. If you plan on adding more than just one item to your tag/value data base, you will need to devise unique tags for each item, to store them separately.

IT works but it only retrieve one person
I add text box but they are in different screen s
This the code to store from screen 2

and this for retrieve data also how restive as text with out this symbol ""
blocks (1)

thank you

call GetTagList and look at the response in the event TagList. You will have all the tags inserted previously (a list of tags). So, at that point you will need a for each loop, and for each tag call to GetValue block. Then, in the GotValue event you must recover the elements.

I used for loop but there is problem Idon't know

When you call to GetTagList, then you receive in the event TagList all the tags of the bucket.

To get the value of each tag, you can use a for loop, inside the TagList block, calling to GetValue for each tag:

this will trigger the event GotValu for each tag, where you can get the value.

IF I want to restore as text not have symbol "" is there any tools that ca help me for this

If in the app, use the text replacement block, if on Firebase itself, use the web component instead of the experimental firebase component

the data stored in firebase and when i restored into label it look like this

Use this block on the text ?


Iadded bu it still the same

the problem is sitll same for Retrieve data from fire base
this how is stored in fire base is there any problem in it

but it retrive only one value