Storage capacity

I made an app that is ought to store over more than a million numbers on it . Does tinyDB have such storage capacity and what other storage component can I use to store such huge amount of things

See here:!msg/mitappinventortest/AX1gPrAcuvY/2PWHn_NxrrsJ

Thank you for the site and it said that it depends on the device storage , but I will have to test it out to see. Could you please recommend another storage feature

Potresti usare il componente File, che utilizza salvare i dati, memorizzandoli in un file CSV.

Pls I am not Spanish. Can it pls be interpreted to English

It is Italian :slight_smile:
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Pls could explain more on the CSV file and pls what is a CSV file

My app already does something similar to that , it uses /n to separate the values instead of a comma but not in any sort of file

How do I create the file on my app??

How about searching the forum:

well, if you store some data in TinyDB or as csv file, the data will need some space on the internal sdcard... i.e. it doesn't matter to store it in TinyDB or as file...

what is the maximum number? you could do some calculations to find out, how much space you need...


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