Stops writing in emails at '&' sign

I am not allowed to write to my company’s servers so for achieving proof-of-concept, my apps send emails with the data in CSV format in the body of the email and they are then processed automatically in Outlook. My problem is, if there is an ampersand ‘&’ sign in the text it stops any further writing in the email. Is there a work around for this? I need to send company hyperlinks and these are full of ‘&’ signs.

Thank you in advance.

Not sure how we are meant to solve your problem? If you include "&"s in your content then they will be there and cause the problem, if you take them out then the content may become meaningless…Can you do a substitution at both ends ?

Thanks for the prompt reply…
I just thought someone here may know something I didn’t…like using < br > instead of \n which fixed a few of issues for me. I do substitute it with ‘and’ when people write comments, but for the links it needs to be an ‘&’ so people can just click it in the email at the other end.
I’ll re think the whole process…thanks again

Assuming you are launching the mail program through the ActivityStarter, you may need to replace the & with %26 since the ActivityStarter passes the email body as a URI.