Stop the Crazy slider

The value stored in the firebase can be changed both with the rotary encoder on the microcontroller and with the app.

Rotary encoder send the value when interrupt enabled .
It is sending the value at first. Depending on the value, the position of the slider also changes. no problem so far. Now the slider goes crazy when I change the slider.
Rotary encoder. It s like potentiometer that you changed the frequency a radio or volume up etc.

In order to stop a feedback loop, you need some way to mute the feedback for a certain amount of time.

That would involve adding a global true/false variable MUTED, checked by both events and required to be false before propagating an update.

You would also need a one shot nonrepeating Clock Timer to turn off the muting after a second.

Another alternative would be to keep a global variable with prior value(s), to help avoid unnecessary attempts to propagate changes. If the new value matches the old value, don't try to propagate it.


OK, let me tell you more.
1-I changed the slider position. The microcontroller read the changed value of the Slider from the firebase. no problem...
2- I changed this value from the value it left with the rotary encoder from the microcontroller. According to this new value, the position of the Slider has also changed. no problem.
3. Now I changed the Slider again. and he went crazy

The ThumbChanged event is too unsyable to use for this app.

Just poll the thumb position with a repeating Clock.

Show us your new blocks if you changed anything. The old blocks are clearly at fault.

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I didn't change anything. I will share aia file if kids let me :slight_smile: I couldn't upload the file. I try to upload drive now

Use this extension and send the data in the Touch up event.

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Here is the project.
Thank you all for your attention .

Thank you. I am going to try it. When kids are sleep. :))

As I already said here: Stop the Crazy slider - #2 by Anke

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Here is a sample for how to use a Canvas instead of a Slider, to get a TouchUp event, without need for any extensions.

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Export Project

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Off course. I see. Both of them are same. I will look all them.

I did. But cant upload here. I use mobilephone. So I share it. It doesn't admit zip and see as folder the aia file.

Hi anke . I found two of this plugin. i tried both. but it is not working. Data is coming from fitebase but slidertools.touchdown or touchup does not work.

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It s done. Thank you all. Love you all.

What beautiful people you all are. Thank you all for your solution ideas.

@Anke @ChrisWard @ABG @Juan_Antonio

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Fine! Then close the topic by clicking Solution on the best answer.

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We are happy to help Huseyin - that's why we are here :grin:

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