Stop during transfer to AI Companion

Hello guys,

I've some problems during the transfer to the Companion-app. I started the "Kitten & Dog" tutorial with my class and we had an issue during our testing process. All of my student and me weren't able to use their created apps on their phone, because the connection between their computers and mobile phones stopped always during the sending process of the assets.
I tried after the screwed lesson to use the Emulator on our school computer, but it didn't work also.

I have to mention that everything was fine, when I explored these features on my personal computer at home. I only have these problems with our school computers. There's no Wifi at school and the majority of my student use iOS devices.

Guys, do you have any idea to fix it or do you have any other opportunities use the created apps?

Thank you.

Welcome Carmelo.

These are the problems:

  • to use App Inventor students need WIFI to connect to the App Inventor Designer and to the emulator.
  • ios version presently does not create an executable file. App Inventor's Android version creates both an aia and an apk.

Here is some advice that might help you understand the issues:

The WIFI issue:

How to make the Project work:

Confused? Read the material. If you do not understand something, ask again here and someone might be able to help..

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