Step Counter App

Hello I'm creating a step counter and I'm facing an issue.
So using another label i saved the current count but when i click the save button 2nd time i want it to save on label 3 which is not happening.
Pls guide me where im going wrong.

Why do you need two Labels (Label2 and Label3)?

It is my school assignment and when you click the save button 2nd time it should add a new lap which will be in label 3 but i couldnt figure it out.

How many laps will you need to record?

This is starting to sound like a list and ListView situation.

You have two procedures with the same name. That is causing an error. See the cross on the top left of the blocks.

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just 2 lol

oo so what should i do then

You can't use two of the same procedures; instead, do the following:

Oh thank you so much

I forgot to add the final step; I've edited my previous post in accordance. Please make sure to add it.

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