Status Problem - Update Checkbox

I want store the status to show in another screen with the number of order updated. How I can do it? Below is my code structure in one screen and another screen.

Screen 1

Screen 2

Depending on which screen is showing what, you will either need to update the UI to reflect your model in the Initialize event of Screen2 or you will need to handle the OtherScreenClosed event in Screen1. Use TinyDB to pass the information between the two screens so you can update the appropriate screen as needed.

FRETE2_5.aia (55.6 KB)

I didnt understand your solution.

I think the problem is that you have an empty status list.
Try putting a not as indicated in the image.

I try this way as you say, but I dont want to show the message "Embarque não cadastrado" when the list is stored.

Every time you enter this screen the status list is empty. Write an example of the status list with some content.

I wanted to put the number of my order and the motorista will update status of this specific order. And in another screen I can view what happen with my order.