Status of development of AI2 for iOS

Hello guys, what is the status of AI2 for iOS and what is its roadmap? I am interested to port some apps developed using AI2 to iOS with less work as possible, just having an iOS companion and the possibility to build the app would be awesome. In my case 95% of the apps are Android only and the other 5% both but, "unfortunately" the rare iOS customers ask to have apps more complicated and more "rich" then the other 95%. At the moment I am starting to evaluate what I need to develop on iOS, one of the problems is t find a VM to test different o.s. versions on "virtual" tablets and phones (not so many) but when I will be ready If there is something to test I would be happy to help.

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What does that mean? App Inventor apps can be as complicated and as fancy as you want.

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I mean that in my case potential iOS customers are asking more complex and large designs then Android customers so also if, always in my case, only 5% of customers ask to have an iOS app or an app for Android and iOS now it is very difficult to answer "No, I do not develop on iOS" to some requests, it is matter of money.

My apps are (at least partially) available for Android and iOS. The proportion of iOS users has increased significantly in recent years. In addition, I now earn significantly more with the iOS app than with my Android apps. So to make it short, at least in Germany, the proportion of iOS users has increased continuously in recent years. And there are very good reasons for that. Not least, the (terrible) new restrictions that Google imposes on us every year.


Do you mean the restrictions to manage the files and their access? For me they are a little bit crazy. I really do not understand why...

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Thanks, does it work also on virtual machines?

What should work there?
(Regardless of that question, how about just trying it out?)

Because at the moment we are at the beginning on iOS, we are collecting everything needed for development. We are used to develop SW for every o.s. using VMs to have the possibility to test different o.s. distributions, version, releases and configurations and we know that there are things not working on one VM and working on another. So better to know if it works or not in particular VM.

If that's supposed to be an answer to my questions, I don't get it.

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