State of the app creation tools 2023-2024

Hello everyone,

My name is Gennaro, I'm 28, I'm Italian, but I live in Belgium.

I was an App Inventor 1 user (year 2014 - 2018... :open_mouth: ), then Kodular.
But now for a year now I have practically stopped creating applications for Android. I have numerous apps published on the play store and would like to get my app creation routine back.

But I wonder:

  • What are the big changes planned or already made for App Inventor (I read about a collaboration with Kodular, could you give me more details?)
  • Is there really an app developer market currently?
  • What is the situation of creating apps simultaneously in Android and iOS?
  • Monetization available for App Inventor ?
  • Any other news?

I'd like to update myself a bit, so if I've missed any point, well, feel free to comment :slight_smile:

Thank you all !

App Inventor 2 has been rolled out in December 2013, so you most probably have been an App Inventor 2 user... :grin:

You can read more about the planned cooperation here

For monetization there are extensions available, see the extensions directory here App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps


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Yes, it's true, you're right I think. Unfortunately I don't have a good memory :smiley:

What do you see in the future for Ai2 / Kodular / etc ? Are they technologies that you think will always be topical in 5 years' time? Is it REALLY worth going back to creating mobile applications with this kind of tools?