"starts at function" extension

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I am currently facing an issue that I can't find the right function names to call them in the java file to build my extension from.
There is a text search function called "starts at", which returns the index of the first letter of the searched string, but I am not able to find any extension with that function or even the correct name and format to call it in an own extension.
Is there any overview about ai2 function names and the format to use it in extensions (for programming, not this page: http://ai2.appinventor.mit.edu/reference/blocks/text.html#startsat)?
I would really appreciate some help, it's for my Bachelor Thesis.

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See here this might solve your problem


The links that may help you

All of the blocks in the built-in blocks language are defined in runtime.scm as a mix of Scheme macros and functions. Normally one wouldn't call them from extensions. If you really need the functionality, you may want to translate the Scheme into the corresponding Java.

This extension can do that.