Starting with mit guide

hey everyone!
my name is ayush and i want to start the open source contribution in our community so can someone guide me that how it work and what are all the project in which i can contribute
i don't want to be the part of gsoc and all but i wanted to contribute

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Hey @ayush11442, welcome to the MIT App Inventor community!

It's awesome that you're interested in contributing to open source projects.

The MIT organization has many projects on github but the The central repository you'd want to focus on is the appinventor-sources monorepo, which encompasses various components of the platform.

You can find the main repository here: MIT App Inventor Sources.
I recommend starting by reading through the its README file, as it provides a overview of the project structure and links to other useful resources.

As for understanding how things work within the project, I suggest taking a look at this high-level overview document: MIT App Inventor Project Overview. This document should give you a good understanding of the project's goals, architecture, and development processes.

Setting up the Repository Locally

To begin contributing, you'll need to set up the project on your local machine. The README provides detailed instructions for manual setup tailored to different operating systems. You can find these instructions under the "Setup Instructions - Manual" section of the README.

Getting Started with Contributions

Once you have the project set up locally and your development server running, you can start contributing. Refer to the contribution guidelines outlined here: Contribution Guidelines. These guidelines will help you understand the best practices for contributing to the project.

Head over to the issues section of the appinventor-sources repository and look for issues tagged with "help wanted." You can select an issue that interests you and start working on it. Remember, you don't need to know everything to contribute, you'll learn and grow as you contribute.

Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources that you might find helpful:


thanks for your reply and this great in depth explanation . lemme go through it.

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