Starting selfmade app with activitystarter doesn't work

I want to start an selfmade app with activitystarter but is doen't work. Here are blocks. I have followed the instructions of thaifun.
Am I doing somthing wrong?

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Can you show the other procedures that you have shown as well? E.g. funcFvnsGelBrTpe.

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I have tried other examples. See follwing blocks.

The first one (Button1) doesn't work and gives an errorcode 601. The second (button2) works sometimes and the third (button3) works well. This code comes from "". The first block (button1) i have changed for using the calculator of my phone.

This is an ERROR_ACTIVITY_STARTER_NO_CORRESPONDING_ACTIVITY (there is no such activity) error. Check the Action and DataUri once again. :cry:

You might want to post the webpage in the website where you gind it?

I am sorry. I found the problem. I have changed the last two lines. Package and class.
Here is the url of this site. App inventor. Acitivity starter read pdf folder file
Thanks for your help anyway.

Awesome to hear that you have found the solution! The hardest thing is to find your own mistakes.

Yes you are right. Mostly of the time it is your one mistake :upside_down_face:

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"own" I mean. Its far beond one.....