Startactivity values


I'm teaching a few kids using AI2. One of the students uses an iOS device to test. most of it is fine, but today we tried to startActivity but it didn't work
(action: android.intent.action.WEB_SEARCH), extra key: 'query'
shows that startActivity is supported.

What values of action, extra key, extra value do I use to start a Google search for example?


I think the activity starter cant works on iOS, should try to discuss with @ewpatton

So not every intent type has been defined. Technically, every app on your phone could declare different intents and so we don't know every possible option. This seems like one we should probably handle in the default set. In the meantime, if you want to initiate a Google search, then I'd recommend the following on iOS:

The Activity Starter block with android.intent.action.VIEW and with a normal url page web is not running in v 2.64.4 (9).
Can you tell me about it?


This is the mistake: