Start play mp3 sound by touch sentenece in html

Hell everyone,

Is there any way to start play mp3 sound file just when touch the sentence in html?
Thank you

It HTML file Is your,you can add an setwerbviewstring at sentence's touch and when webviewstringchange play sound

duplicate post. This was already answered for you, in detail, years ago.

Just to recap. Each sentence needs to be inside defining id tags. When a sentence is selected the id for the sentence is identified by the onclick event which will then call the respective sound (or send data back via the webviewstring)

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It is somewhere in the Google Groups forum

I am sure It's not in Google Groups forum because I have never asked this question before

If I remember correctly, you were clicking a button once the element on the html page was highlighted. More or less the same thing.

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I want to highlight and read the sentence by touching it instead of clicking next or previous buttons by using a code in html. Please help me to do that and solve this problem.

Your question is mainly a html/Javascript question... therefore you might get better advice in a community of html/Javascript experts...

try to ask at, however be prepared to show what you have tried rather than expecting just someone else doing the work for you...


Believe me I just have a very little knowledge in Javascript. So please I need your help and support to fix my problem.
Thank you very much Taifun

Hello Taifun I have signed up in and would like to understand something there but I could understand anythings.