Start an application when SMS receipt

Hello all,
Is there a way to start an application when receiving an SMS from a particular number?
I have an Arduino that drives a SIM800L to send / receive SMS, this is a unique phone number, when an action is detected by the CPU I would like my application to start and tells me the type of action detected.
If yes how to proceed please?
Thank you.

If your app that uses the Texting component is active, you can possibly can use

by Using the Activity Starter to start your 'other' application using Blocks.

For example, code something like If number = then ... use ActivityStarter Blocks to code the other app the other app in the MessageReceived Block where number is your unique phone number

Hi @SteveJG thanks, the block when Texting1.MessageReceived mean my Apps is already open. Activity Starter mean the "Root" application is already started, this is not my question. I think this is not possible ! The only way I see for that is, I receive a SMS from specific number (send by SIM800L) then to analyse the status, I need to start the Application, then, when started, is easy to interrogate for analysis the real status.

Yes, :slight_smile: without an extension, App Inventor apps cannot run as a Service (e.g. in the background).

You might use a StayAwake method to keep your AI2 app running continuously. Either use a Stay Awake block routine using a Notifier

or you use Taifun’s Tools Extension:

If you just want use it for personal use, you better off buying app called Tasker.
That can do exactly what you want