St7735 and arduino

I know that this is not at all in the subject, but still there are smart developers here, please help
The question is how to display your image in the display with a display extension of 80x160 Thanks

arduino +st7735
there is nothing on the internet

Hello Kenesbek
On the internet:

thanks, I already tried this and it works, but I have another question, I want to display my image

They don't have a library for that?

Actually this tutorial:

...says they can only display text. As you can see in the image it is possible to "draw" basic shapes.

Ah yes - it's not an LCD it's a TFT so you should be able to display anything.

this is a 16x2 lcd but it cannot, but I have st7735 it can, but somehow it doesn’t work out for me and gives an error
I need something like this

Yes you are right

The problem though is the need for an Arduino Library - looks like images are displayed via a parallel interface.

This search brings some fruit to the table:

thanks a lot did not help (

I used these OLED Screens, there is an application to convert images to LCD, I don't know if it will work for you.

thanks, checked, works, but only monochrome, need color, do you know the color converter

Try LCD image converter


thank you i will try now

I thought the Adafruit ST7735 and ST7789 Library hit the nail on the head. Note though, colour images can be heavy mb, hence some developers add an sd card slot for more memory.

the picture is not displayed why do you know?

arduino mega memory not enough?

This is a example but with OLED, read about memory...