SQLite: no such table: mytable (code1):, while compiling: select CostomerID from Costomer_tb

Hi. I use SQLite extension in my project. But when load date this error for every select query was shown. While In my database Costomer_tb table and CostomerID column and another are exist.


Are you trying to run your App Inventor2 project in the BlueStacks emulator. A guess is the emulator probably does not have a version of SQLite. Try your apk using a real Android device and you might have a different result.

Otherwise, contact the developer of AmlakDB extension for help? You appear to be using a third party extension that most users in this Forum do not have access to.

Hi. Thanks for your attention. I use apk file in mobile too but that error was shown. May SQLite extension dosent work? What kind of extension is suitable for me?

which SQlite extension are you using? Any link to the extension? There exist several ones...

You can find my paid sqlite extension here App Inventor Extensions: SQlite | Pura Vida Apps and some free alternatives you can find in the extensions directory here App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps...

probably interesting to read:

why you might want to consider buying rather than taking the "free lunch"

  1. my extension is available since August 2016 and is therefore very stable
  2. it follows the KISS principle - Keep it simple, stupid
    KISS principle - Wikipedia
  3. I'm offering support in case there are issues and provide updates and bugfixes


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In fairness to other extension developers, these sql extensions work quite well.

Consider these capable (free) extensions below.

This one works great for me

Here is another one

Community – 9 Oct 17

[Free] SQLite extension (SPONSORED!)

– PedrozaSQLite Hello! Here I present to you my second extension ever created! It is an extension to access the local SQLite database! Background I know there is already a few extensions with this functionality, but here are the reasons why I made…

What extension you use depends on how well you can code and what features you need.