SQLite INSERT - error

I am trying to insert a new record into the table tblKnihy in SQLite db dbKnihy. The record structure is:
ID BIGINT (6) Primary Key
Autor CHAR (50)
Nazov CHAR (30)
I would need to automatically increase the ID by 1 on a new record.
I keep getting this error:
Runtime Error
The operation Elements cannot accept the arguments: ,
[INSERT INTO tblKnihy VALUES('rrrrrr','sssssss')]
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.
Where am I doing wrong?

This does not appear to be an SQLite error, but a list error. You are trying to apply a string (your SQLite statement) to a list (List Elements). Either display it in a label, or put it into a list first.

The Listview Elements can't be your sql statement...

Also your sql statement is wrong... you have to use the column names like this

INSERT INTO tblKnihy (Autor, Nazov) VALUES('rrrrrr','sssssss')


Thank you!