SQLite ImportDatabase

Can anyone advise?
Through Media, I made a upload of the Synopsa-ev.db database to the application's assets.
When I try to import it, it doesn't.
The announcement is still: "DB Synopsa-ev.db NEEXISTUJE !!!!!".


You have checked you have sqlite on your device ?

which sqlite extension are you using? any link?
you might want to use Do it to find out, if the import was successful...

EDIT: and if you like to import the database only on first run of the app, then you might want to use TinyDB as shown in the Screen.Initialize event here https://puravidaapps.com/sqlite.php

EDIT 2: which device and Android version are you using for your tests?
is this an issue only in the companion app or also after building the app?


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I use: org.bennedum.SQLite.aix
I will create an apk and run it on the BlueStacks emulator.
The SQlite Synopsa-ev.db database should only be a local db, it should not be updated, only a record lookup and display.
Is such a procedure good?

  • I will upload Synopsa-ev.db via media,
  • I will only call Call SQLite1.ImportDatabase once and this will create a binary SQLite database file on the local device,
  • Will this binary database file be saved to the apk for future execution?


I am trying to do the same thing but the 1st problem I had is that I am not able to find in the right place the db to import and the second problem may be the format, normally SQLite import/exports using json or xml files. I need to distribute together the app a little SQLite db already loaded with the data needed and then provide a procedure to (eventually) update the DB. But I have problems to open the DB since seems to be in a differente folder than in that the app thinks to be... I found also a test aia but it only partially works so... the problem seems to be not so simple to solve. I am testing it with Android 8 and 11, both have the same main problem: accessing the file that both do not find.

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