Sprites drag following is slow, and how can i make responsive sliders?


I want to make a slider with canvas and spite, but when i drag the canvas or the sprite the sprite respond slow. Touching event is immediate though. Any solution to drag following speed?

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More important question is, how can i make it responsive?

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Please export your project and post it here.

Yes.Here is a part of my mroject. I stripped it down to fit to the 4MB limit. L_wall.aia (2.1 MB)
I have an other layout and there is 9 similar vertical slider, but with that page the aia dont fit the 4MB.
I have no problem to make it to a specific device, but responsive slider is problematic from canvas and sprite.

That page will look like this:

What 4mb limit ?

The comment upload limit.

New one for me....

No blocks in your aia to test speed of dragging for sprite slider?

Oppsz. Maybe i deleted that too. Sorry.
But this is all.

Seems its memory problem because it following the drag fine on the stripped version.
Ok. So the speed problem is solved.
But how can i make it responsive?

What does responsive mean to you Zol. What you want to do is not very clear.

Perhaps this?

The example 'captures' the currentX value; assigns it to a variable (canvasSliderValue) then does something with it. This one posts the value to a Label. It could be used to set a parameter level or whatever.

You showed an image labeled Canvas169. Does that mean you have over 169 Canvas components in your app? I hope not. That may be

if you have that many Canvasses and certainly would result in slow response.

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I counted 24 Canvases on Screen1.

Have you tried using just one Canvas and painting the sliders, borders, and text onto it?
You would need to keep a table of the imaginary sliders' endpoints scales, and orientations, to detect which imaginary slider got "focus" and needs repainting.

Such an approach would be totally image-free, and scalable to any display.

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Yes Steve, i have about 300 canvasses in the full app, so i accepted it cause the slowing down. Maybe i can sort it down to about 180 but i think thats not enough to continous slider movement. Anyway, later i will try it with an earlier method suggested (make one canvas screen with hotspots). Unfortunately i have a selecting screen where a 10x15 matrix is selectable, works like a pixel font editor. Thats hard to make it that way.
By responsive sliders i mean it is works on every screen, keeping the knob's size rate and position.
Something ABG suggest in his next post.
The problem is the knob. It doesnt have percentage value, only pixel, auto and fill parent.


I thought if your suggestion, but if i understand what you are saying then i need a picture in every position of the knob. Am i right or i misunderstand you?

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Not sure why you do not use the default slider and a scale background image ?
This example uses @Ken 's slider extension to get the vertical slider

sliderView.aia (14.4 KB)


I wanted to make a custom one, but perhaps i have to use the default in the end.
I'm still trying before i give up the custom.
Thank you the extension.

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I think i will use this solution for now. And if i have time i will try others. If only someone made an extension with customable thumb..., but poor man cook with water, or i dont know how is it in english :slight_smile:
Thank you for your help.

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