Sprites are not getting downloaded

Students work is not downloading. Images are disappearing, no sprites will show up on emulator, and/or program will not load to tablet. This issue started for us on Feb. 21, and it seems to get worse later in the day. Anyone else having this issue?

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We'll need to know more about your configuration before we can advise. In particular:

  • Operating system and version number (e.g. Windows 10)
  • aiStarter / emulator version (e.g., screenshot of the command prompt window)
  • Is the emulator running a newer version of the companion, e.g., 2.64 or later
  • Are you accessing App Inventor over HTTP or over HTTPS?
  • In the emulator's browser, are you able to access ai2.appinventor.mit.edu or code.appinventor.mit.edu (whichever you use to program, as the emulator needs outgoing network to reach App Inventor to retrieve the assets)?

Google Chrome0S Version 108.0.5359.172 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Running Newest Version of Companion from Google Play Store (updated pushed out 2/16)
Not sure if accessing App Inventor over HTTP or over HTTPS...picture attached of web address
Accessing App Inventor Anonymously (code.appinventor.mit.edu)


Does checking that Use Legacy Connection option in the Companion help?

Great suggestion. Your suggestion worked once and than failed going forward.

I have a bug with my sprite images showing up

Do you mean they are not displaying, or that they are displaying but you do not want them to ?

they weren't displaying i and checked the code and it says visible with the check mark on it and i want my objects to be visible buts it ok i think someone fixed since my it shows the sprite images now if you want to check i will show it doesn't show up at my school but its fine at home some times and it would not show say error or show white on a school tablet even my tablet at home shows white
SpaceDodge.aia (888.1 KB)

I see in Screen1 you set Sizing to Responsive, which uses the devices' own pixel counts, usually much bigger than the count used in Fixed Sizing.

But you set px and py values to hard coded numbers in your blocks.

For Responsive Sizing, common practice is to use a per centage of Screen Width or Height, to preserve relative positioning.

Your home device probably has different pixel counts from your school device, so that might account for differences in appearance between the two.

oh its not the code or my device thats bugging its been bugging like this since the update and my entire school and other schools in the area have been having this bug they have contacted MIT about this and i was told to find a solution. btw its not the sizing thats bugged because all moving sprites aren't big enough not show up its been hit or miss also scrap about someone fixing the code its random when my sprite image shows

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also forgot to say that making sizing to fixed doesn't fix it it would sometimes not show or it would say error and i need to use tablet size for computer since there is not a lot of space on phone size

Your app works on a Samsung A10 tablet (Android 8.1). It has issues with regard to resetting

, however it appears all sprites are showing except there is not a gameover.png image in Media. I

gameOver nor is it in the Assets.

Given the error in the initial screenshot, I am wondering whether your school IT have not allowed for the Android side of the Chromebook to make outgoing HTTPS connections to code.appinventor.mit.edu. The outgoing connection is needed for the companion to download project assets from the server.

We have submitted a work ticket to our tech department. Thanks for checking in

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