Sprite reaches corner without reaching corner

so the event activates even though its not touching corner its also visible for like 0.25 second

You do not show your ImageSprite image, does it have a transparent surround ?

Also, imageSprite x/y position is always top left, it does not have centre as origin functionality.

it does actually but i set the x,y with the after created block and its just apearing for a second and disapearing after and its spawning where it should be not close the corner and it still does anyways, please help i can not find a way to make that work

I suggest you simplify, and setup a test project, without dynamic components, to test your logic.

ok i did but its works fine here ??? can you explain it to me bc i dont know where is the BIG diffrence

This only appears to test for reaching an edge, not a corner ?

oh sorry i meant edge right...

ok i figured it our i just have to teleport it BEFORE everything else then i can set size image etc, i hope this post will help others in the future

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