Sprite location changes from one application launch to the next

I have several students. All of them are working to create the same app. It involves placing sprite images at certain x, y and z locations on top of a canvas with a base image. When the x, y, are programmed into variables and they are in the correct place. The program is save and then closed and reopened then next day. the sprite images are in a totally different location, but the values for x and y are still the same as the day before for both the settings in the Designer view and the program variables. I am not able to figure out what is causing the images to move on the screen. I have tried changing Screen1 Sizing to fixed and responsive. I have also tried making changes to Orientation settings.

Any ideas?

Does the canvas have fixed dimensions?
How are you saving the positions of the sprites, and then reloading them next time ?

Some students are using Fixed canvas dimensions, some are responsive and the sprites will move.
The sprites are positioned on the designer and then x y and z are copied to a variable that will put them back in that same x, y, z position when the code determines that they should be moved back to the original position. These are hard coded variables for the original position.

Doesn't sound like you are using any persistent storage for the alternate sprite positions.

Look at the tinydb

Something like this:

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How do you make sure they are working in separate Projects?