Sprite changing heading but not y value in EdgeReached event

I am working on a simple Space Invaders kind of game and I'm trying to get a sprite to change its heading and y-value each time it reaches the east or west edge. The sprite is changing heading in the EdgeReached event but the y-value stays the same. I added a button and the same set of blocks will change the y-value in the button click handler. Here's a link to my test app in the gallery:


And here is a picture of the blocks:


I tried it on my Android phone in the Companion and it worked for me.
Y increased at both edges on edge contact, and also on button click.

What type of device do you use for testing?

I have an iPhone 12 mini running version 2.60 (build 8) of the companion app.

Here is a video of the behavior I'm getting.

I changed the category of this post to iOS, so us Android users can leave it to the iOS specialists.

It might be worth trying the version on TestFlight (2.63). For some reason I recall a similar issue a while back, but I can't seem to locate the original issue. It's possible that this may be fixed in the beta.

Thanks! At least I know it's not me. I'm using AppInventor in a class I'm teaching, so I'll just hold off on this example until the updated version of the companion app is released.