Spreadsheet to app

Trying to make a app where you can read different songs

I want a list from collum A
And when i press A1 it will open B1 in a text box

I will also need a search feture since i got over a 100 songs

Can anny help?

Since the song table is probably stable, you can download it as a CSV (Comma Separated Values) text file, and load it at app startup from a File in the Media folder.

Load it into a dictionary, with keys from column 1 and values from column 2.

Present the keys in a List Picker, with a search box.

When a key (title) is selected from the List Picker, look up its value in the dictionary and show it in a Label.

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I know im far away, but how far?

Very far.

There should be no titles or song texts in any blocks.

Start by learning lists at

It should have a translate option for your native language.

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Here is a tutorial that shows how to place spreadsheet data into Lists without a dictionary. Retrieve location specific Phone Numbers (or other data) from an appropriate Google Spreadsheet . Some of the code may prove useful.

If you want specific advice for your Project, share some example data with the community:

  • you already have your music data in a spreadsheet. Which spreadsheet? Could you provide a readable version of perhaps the first three or four items in the spreadsheet so someone could provide a working model? This needs to be either an abbreviated copy of the spreadsheet or a text file (not an image, you have already shown us that). This information will provide an idea about what might need to be changed with your data set to provide a useful display and nice presentation of the song lyrics.
    Takks skal du ha.

  • Any any item that contains commas (,) like some of the song lyrics will present issues when you convert your spreadsheet to a csv (necessary to convert it to a List).

Yes, this is possible.

Yes, you can either Filter the List or search for a key word.

There are other ways to create an app like this. Another way would be to convert you lyrics to an html.

Here is a sample based on Gilbert and Sullivan lyrics from

downloaded as csv from this sheet:

GilbertAndSullivan.aia (6.1 KB)
GilbertandSullivanSongs-Sheet1.csv (13.9 KB)


How do i fix this?

(Canned Reply: ABG- Export & Upload .aia)
Export your .aia file and upload it here.

Sang.aia (286.8 KB)


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Nothing is showing up when i search, is something wrong?

Your text file does not match the CSV table format I used to load my Gilbert and Sullivan song table.

That's why you don't see a song title list.

Here are some extracts from your song dump:

To get a legal CSV table from this text, the titles need to be wrapped with " on each end.

Since you have almost 1,000 songs in your file, this should be done programmatically, not manually.

I have an idea for how this could be done (after I make the rounds of people needing easy answers.)

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loads this when you build the app but not when you use Companion.

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Got it to work, thank you so much for the help. You guys are awesome

You probably made these changes :wink: and a little bit more work. Congratulations.


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You are quicker than me.

Here's how I wrestled with your text file ...

Sang.aia (287.5 KB)

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