Spreadsheet - Gotcoldata

Realy dont now why it doesn´t work.
Read range works but col dosn´t
Range shows [["aa1"], ["aa2"]...... but col not



Does the .GotColData event fire?

If so, what appears in Label2?

When i click
Label 1 shows aa1......
Label 2 doesn't show nothing. Leaves the original label text

I repeated your experiment, but got my data back.

However, it took a moment for both events to fire.

Double check to see if you were impatient?
blocks (1)

I repeated my experiment with a logger, to see the timing in milliseconds.

(draggable blocks)

Perhaps you are experiencing more delay than me?

Here is another straw to grab at ...

Maybe the two text blocks that look like 'Sheet1' don't really contain the exact same text.

Make a global init variable containing 'Sheet1' and pass the variable to both blocks, to insure they are both asking for the exact same sheet.

Yet another straw to grab at ...

(adjust it to your component)

Okay, here is one last stab in the dark to guess why you got that.

Often an app needs to ask for a few data retrievals that will take time to arrive, and shoots off the requests like a machine gun, hoping to overlap the requests to save time.

But that leads to the problem of how to know when ALL the reponses have arrived, before making visible the results.

There are two solutions to that problem:

  • keep a list of the outstanding requests, and match it against incoming responses, to know when all data is ready, or
  • use a conservative request/receive cycle, shooting off the next request only after the previous response has arrived. That will appear slower, but you can entertain the user with a Progress Notifier as you work, so it does not bore them.

Works OK for me on a sheet with 100 rows and 8 columns

but, it may be better to call one, then the other afterwards


Another possibility...
Column 1 has a million blank rows and the column request times out?

Thanks for your time.
Tried 2 things
1 - With "range & col"

2 - with only "col"


seams like "col" doesn´t respond nothing

So the next debugging step is to add the error detection event.