Spreadsheet -document setup is not relevant

Hi! to date, the instruction is not relevant, there is a partial match. Missing option - download .json file. Therefore, it is not possible to use.

What is not relevant? Make your statement clearer.

The screenshots or the writings?

The complaint is probably for the service account credential creation step and JSON file download for the credentials, which changes position in Google's menues often.

Another Power User has complained about this before, in a thread I have lost.


Today a user in Spanish also complained about the process to obtain the json file.
I sent him screenshots, they are with Spanish text.
Perhaps seeing the images you can follow the process.


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I decided to use the instructions for setting up a Google spreadsheet connection, today the instructions are not up to date. Given that I previously had no connection in the Google Sheet API settings. It makes no sense to attach screenshots, because. all the steps do not meet, please understand me. If it is possible to change the instructions on this page again, then it would be nice. Google Sheets API Setup
Thank you for your patience.