Split the strings

How to split the message text received via bluetooth in to two different strings and display in two labels?

Use one of the split blocks

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Spilt on what basis, comma, space, colon, others..

Thank you.

So did it work? Maybe mark solution to the post which solved your problem.

My string received is "00:23: : :".
Reading and displaying list item properly but error displayed as "Select List item: List index too large Select list item:Attempt to get item number 2 of list of length1 :[""]

Post a screenshot of your blocks

Don't do 2 ReceiveText blocks in the same Clock.Timer event.
The second wipes away the data from the first.

Instead, send your ReceiveText data into a global variable Message, and
do your data analysis on the contents of that global variable.

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Thanks all of you for the help. the the error was coming beacause i forgot to send ':' at the end of the string.