Split Text left and right in list (format columns in a Label)

Hi Team,

I am getting this, But need amount to be Align right in same line.

I need to set it like below image.

Blocks i am using is below.

My suggestion is not best may be. But I think if you use 3 different vertical layout, one for item name then quantity and then price it would solve your problem.

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Along with the suggestion given above by @Mota_Shim , the text alignment for each column of Vertical Arrangements should be the same.

Try with Tableview extension:


Try one of these:

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Perhaps you can adapt this example's methodology.

You must set the Label1 Property FontTypeface to monospace in the Designer to make the example work.


Thanks steve for your reply.

But how can i make item list with coffe2 2, cake,1,40
as my product qty and price varies

Just add another row to the list (to the top) delining the headers.

Hi Can get blocks for this..

You can find the blocks in Post #6

I Tried that but getting error while making print list.

It looks like that's because you've deleted the variables used in the list; you can see the errors in the top-left.