Split text (2 words / 2 floating numbers) separated by space into 2 Words ( 2 numbers)

I have 2 Koordinates ( 47.1234 15.5678) separated only by space. I want to separate them with Komma (using then the joinText-Block).
Unfortunately with splitText I only get a list with plenty items (each letter) insted of the wanted 2 numbers :frowning:
Ankes and AGB's solutions are not working for me with AI2 and Android11.
Thanks in advance

Are your coordinates already in a list or are they a string?

Two methods if a string:


Thanks for the prompt replay!
AND: Perfect solution! Printing the orig. list into a textfield, then your solution No1 (join items using separator) did a perfect job! I never used this block bevore. Now I know it!
Thank you verry much!
lg Gerry

That happened because the text block you thought had only a space in it was acutally empty. AI2 does you the "favor" of trimming the trailing blanks of your text blocks, until you go back and force the blanks in afterwards.

Thank you for the well information.
I did not really think of a bug, but it's a strange features. I am used to trim anyway.
lg Gerry

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