Split block doubt

Hi all,
just another (always trivial :smirk:) question:
when using the split at character block on a string that has empty fields, the number of resulting items is smaller than expected.
Example : the string is "1;2;3;4;5" the split gives back 5 items. If the string is: "1;2;3;;5" the item number is only 4. This "problem" is easily overcome by putting a blank isntead of an empty field, but why the split block counts one item less ? it shouldn't count, anyway, 5 items ? Though one is empty ?
Just for sake of curiosity, it's not really a problem... :blush:
Sorry for wasting yor time.
Cheers, Ugo.

Where is difference?

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Could you show us how you experienced this?

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Hi @ABG and @RamNaresh ,
thanks a lot for your help and time. Ive found the problem: it is not a matter of the empty field, but it's due to a missing CRLF in the original text row in the txt file where I picked up the data stream.In other words: if the row from where I retrieve the data, does not end with a CRLF, the split block is foolished and it reckon only n-1 fields.
My fault: never leave a txt file without the last CRLF.
The following image is the popup message generated when the row doesn't end with a CRLF, and it's the reason why I asked my (stupid) question.... :woozy_face:

Again, thanks a lot.
Cheers, Ugo.

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